Saturday, September 14, 2013

The Pedaling Permaculture Pianist rides again!!

I'm getting back on my horse (2010 Fuji Touring) this fall for what is looking like it will be a fabulous tour!  Ithaca to Vermont to Georgia (and beyond?!)!

October 3rd is the unofficial beginning, when I perform a CD Release concert in Ithaca - 7:30pm Thursday at CSMA.  "Bright New Way" is my first full-length album, and I'm extremely excited to share it with everyone!  11 brand new recordings of original music that are mostly me layering vocals, piano, guitar, hand percussion, keyboard, and banjo.

The trip will then proceed to Clinton, NY (Oct. 10th) where I can release the new album in my hometown and hand it to my parents in person!  Then on to play for a wedding in Newpaltz on Oct. 12th - and on the way there, hopefully a visit to see my brother's new baby, Morgan :)

From Newpaltz, I'll be working my way up through Amherst, MA to visit Sirius Ecovillage.  And then through the Green Mountains to Burlington and Montpelier, VT.  Besides the addition of playing concerts on this trip, I'll also be using Amtrak from time to time!  Excited to see how it plays out - but I'm planning on catching a train from VT down to Maryland or so, and heading through the Appalachian mountains ... ultimately to Georgia.

Started playing the banjo a couple months ago, and I'm very much in love with it!  So instead of hauling a piano around, or even an acoustic guitar, I've got a short and light banjo that's going to be hanging out on top of my panniers for the whole trip.

Back to work putting the finishing touches on the album, planning the release concert, arranging the trip, and writing press releases!  While trying to wrap up the gardening season early here at Body Mind Restoration Retreats ..!