Wednesday, September 15, 2010


I've decided to make tracks and get up to Maine.  As soon as I got into VT, people started to know about the Common Ground Fair.  Right now, I'm about halfway through New Hampshire.  Rode a rail trail for some miles, but the going was slow due to the gravel/sand surface.  So back on roads ... googlemaps' bike function is actually providing me some great parallel routes for getting off the highways.

Stayed in a barn last night!  In getting out of the rain while I ate dinner, I happened upon a 6-yr-old's birthday party, and one of the parents offered me this place on Tewksbury Pond.  Exceptionally warm and dry, and totally silent to boot!

There's some backstory for Burlington, Middlebury, and Hartland, but I'm feeling the need to keep biking on.  I'm really taking my time, going slowly enough that I feel almost nothing in my heel and knees.  I can do about 40 miles before this catches up, and I am forced to stop!


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  1. Sounds like a fun fair in Maine. Even with a couple rest days should be there by the 24th. Did Jasz give you any good ideas on where to camp?