Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Photo Tour, number 2

(see my facebook page for more photos) August 26th-September 7th

Pigmy goat @ Ft. Rickey                      Sunset at Mom and Dad's          
<-- Dad w/his watercolors at Clinton Fest. of Art and Music

                                        Mom's Ponies -->

                  V-    Mohawk River   -V
 What do you suppose they distribute?             Erie Canal and bike path
                                                                       (that would have been easier!)  

 First night camping, just outside of posted area.
                                                           "Hotel Wooly-bear."
                                                                                                   Food hung in tree.

               Raquette Lake +
 Blue Mt. and Blue Mt. Lake 
^ Henry biking away from Blue Mt Museum

Me and Hemlock at Buttermilk Falls
Camp on Raquette River
                                                   Adirondack beauty

Me, Phil, Heidi, Ruby - striking a powerful pose as the camera ticks down.
 Wild Center!

stealthy campsite
on pond

            Saranac Lake Festival/Farmers' Market - cow; kraut demo

     Saranac Festival:  (top left, clockwise)  Beet ladies, om-ing squash monks, view to the lake, vendors and stage.

View from the Ice Cream Shop:

At Paul Smiths College .... lean-to site, bridge around pond, me w/Hotel Wooly Bear (picture to prove that it's still me, alive, at the other side of the camera).  This was the coldest night yet, into the low 40's.  It was an unfortunate time to discover that I forgot to bring any pants.

Entering "Special No Kill Area" along the Au Sable River descent - Why can't we have more such areas in the world?  I appointed myself temporary "Special No Kill Area" police,  and asked people if they had done any killing in this special area.  No one had.  Thank God.
NY somewhere

Au Sable Forks (west and east branch combine!)
Pulling into Fledging Crow Farm at sunset
The barn at sunrise
Good heavens
some young veggies and a little mountain

Kale Forest
Carrot Party
Oliver washing greens
Barn/washing station/office/loft
I forgot to document the potatoes, carrots, and beets that I helped bring in .... here are some of them in the walk-in cooler.
Kyle, Ian, and Lucas, working on transplanting, as I leave

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