Monday, August 16, 2010

Excitement, Jealousy, and Releasing

A number of people I've told about my trip have been extremely excited for me, and some have expressed a degree of jealousy.  I love hearing excitement from other people, because it bumps me up a notch in getting pysched to hit the road.

I also kind of like hearing jealousy.  At first I think it really must not be fair, that I can just drop everything and roam (what privilege and freedom!); then I realize that it's not only fair, but necessary and a very replicable experience.  In fact, since I decided to move forward from my established Ithaca life and patterns, I've noticed other people in my life finding their own excitements and releases - letting go of undesirable patterns and rekindling long-hidden (or newly-found) passions, small and large.  In being more true to myself and taking a heart-felt chance, I feel the benefits extend beyond my self - even if it's only in the way I perceive (and it's likely more than just perception!).

So ... tell me you're excited for me!  And tell me you're a little jealous - just promise to find what it is your heart is longing for, and what it is that you no longer need, what no longer serves you.  Give it back with thanks and grace.  See ya out there.


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