Saturday, August 14, 2010

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(from August 2nd, 2010)

This August, 2010, I'm setting off on a journey from Ithaca, NY to VT, NH, ME, and beyond.  I'm shedding my current life in Ithaca - growing food to sell at the market, living in a cooperative house, and driving a truck - to hop on a bicycle, and direct myself toward new and fantastical places.

I hope to keep a fairly well-updated blog here, so check in from time to time!

Current plans are as follows:
- Leave Ithaca in the 20-somethings of August, headed North on 34.  Stop at my sister's Weedsport
- Continue East from there to my parents' house and my hometown in Clinton.
- Head North and East to Saranac Lake
- Continue Eastward into VT and the Green Mountains (Burlington, Middlebury, etc.)
- Procede to the East, into and though NH
- Arrive at the Maine Common Ground Country Fair in Unity
- Further Explore Maine
- Head south on bike or west on train

 Mind you, I've never biked over 30 miles in one shot before ....  This is a train-as-you-go, learn-as-you-go affair.  I'll be as light as possible, though I'm taking a sleeping bag and tent, some food, first aid and bike repair kits, and a water filter (among other things, so long as they all fit on the back of the bike :-)

If anyone has suggestions of any sort, I welcome them - along with places to stay and be merry.  Besides beautiful places and people, I come across places of permacultural interest, energetic/spiritual healing and practice, music that must be danced to, and folks living exuberantly with the land.  Along the way, I make an offering of my music, songs, and voice (pianos in public or not public places bring me great joy!); I also offer my permaculture designing eyes/ears/body, and my laboring hands in noble and/or mundane projects.

I'm heading right now up to Swan Cycles Inc. in Varna to see what they've got going on.  Wish me luck and good travels, too!!


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