Monday, August 30, 2010

Leaving Base Camp

Walking normally on my left foot (and the right one, too, for that matter)!  It's time to get this thing going!  After 5 days of rest and ice, it's onward into the north woods, tomorrow morning.

I got some crucial feedback from this minor setback -

1.)  Don't plan on multiple long days without having trained - 50 mi. was too much for 3 straight days.  Probably would have been better to do 30, then work up gradually.
2.)  "Weakest Link" - no matter the state of every other body part, one injury is enough to hamper the whole.
3.)  Pedaling technique and seat height - many thanks to John Colliani for his expert advice, here.  My seat was too low and back, and I had far too much foot motion in my pedal stroke.  I'm now going to keep my foot mostly parallel to the ground, all through the cycle.  I also have some more specifics about fit and positioning that will really help along the way.
4.)  Giving the body time to rest lets it do miraculous things.  Never thought I'd get so excited about a normal stride!
5.)  Giving the body lots of sugar and dairy leads to a suppressed immune system, inflamation, and excess mucus production.  I knew this with plenty of certainty, but ... the world needed another one of my "(un)controlled studies" on the matter.

Cycling Day 4 will take me from Clinton north through Holland Patent, to Remsen.  This would be 25 miles.  If I'm feeling exceptionally good, I'll go an extra 8-10 miles to a camping area near Alder Creek.
After that, up through Old Forge, to Blue Mountain, Saranac Lake, St. Regis Canoe area (still seems like a good place, even without the anticipated company!), Lake Placid, and Burlinton.  And, all points between. And beyond.  Getting ahead of myself.  Time to focus on tomorrow - and starting before the heat picks up!!  G'night


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